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Rarely is more than 25% of applied phosphorus taken up by crops in the year of application.

Phosphorus, a key nutrient for plant growth, readily combines with soil elements making it unavailable for plant uptake. RhizoSorb acts as a more efficient delivery mechanism for phosphorus, chemically binding nutrients and controlling the release to optimize plant uptake, increasing the phosphorus use efficiency .

Syers, J. K., Johnston, A., & Curtin, D. (2008). Efficiency of soil and fertilizer phosphorus use. In Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Vol. 9, Issue 6).

How RhizoSorb Works

1. RhizoSorb is a granular soil amendment that uniquely increases the Anionic Exchange Capacity (AEC) of soil, allowing for greater efficiency and overall uptake of phosphorus.

RhizoSorb exchanges nutrients like phosphorus within the soil profile to optimize release based on plant needs, reducing unwanted tie-up and losses to the environment.

3. Improving phosphorus use efficiency increases root development, water use efficiency, and overall plant health.

Competitive Advantage

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RhizoSorb technology used with conventional fertilizers enhances your soil chemistry to maximize nutrient uptake. When there is an excess of nutrients in the soil, RhizoSorb attracts and stores nutrients as a natural buffer, releasing nutrients only as needed to reduce nutrient loss by up to 88%.





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