RhizoSorb® technology utilizes an all-natural and highly porous mineral to greatly enhance fertilizer efficiency. Our patented RhizoSorb® technology was researched and developed at Penn State University, and is certified by OMRI for organic use.

More than half of fertilizer applied is never used by the plant, as key nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus either wash away through leaching or become “locked-up” in the soil. RhizoSorb® acts as a more efficient delivery mechanism for fertilizer, chemically binding nutrients and controlling the release to optimize plant uptake.


RhizoSorb® uniquely increases the Anionic Exchange Capacity (AEC) of soil, allowing for greater nitrogen and phosphorus efficiency by improving plant uptake.

A common measurement, Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC), is used to assess a soil’s ability to deliver positively charged nutrients to plants. Conversely, AEC describes the ability of soil to deliver negatively charged nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen to roots for uptake. RhizoSorb® allows nitrogen and phosphorus applications to last longer in the soil by storing nutrients until needed for plant growth.

RhizoSorb® is a soil amendment with no nutritional composition and is applied to the soil to improve the efficiency of fertilizer applications. RhizoSorb PLUS ® is the same great technology, but comes pre-loaded with nutrients to jump start soil fertility.


RhizoSorb® technology improves nutrient use efficiency by storing nutrients we apply to the soil in a plant accessible reservoir until taken up by the roots. Better efficiency means reduced fertilizer inputs, increased nutrient uptake, and lower environmental impact.

Benefits of RhizoSorb® Include…

  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Reduced fertilizer leaching
  • Improved root growth
  • Increased drought tolerance


Phosphorus has been shown to act as a natural plant growth regulator of root growth; too much available in the soil can stunt growth and too little can lead to deficiencies. RhizoSorb® has a stable chemistry that builds in the soil overtime, acting as a reservoir for phosphorus.

By buffering the release of phosphorus, RhizoSorb® stimulates root hair development. RhizoSorb® creates healthier root systems that better tolerate drought and other natural stressors, accelerate establishment and recovery of transplants, and increase nutrient and water acquisition within the soil.




Research shows more than half of liquid and slow-release fertilizers are never utilized by the plant. Liquid fertilizers are typically applied in excess to compensate for nutrient loss via leaching, and heavy applications typically stunt root growth. Although polymer coated technologies slow the release of fertilizer, they release nutrients based on time, temperature, and moisture, happening independent of plant needs.


RhizoSorb® technology uses soil chemistry to our advantage to maximize nutrient uptake. When there is an excess of nutrients in the soil, RhizoSorb® particles attract and store nutrients.

When plants are actively feeding and depleting the fertilizer in the soil, RhizoSorb® will release nutrients to the surrounding roots. RhizoSorb® acts as a natural buffer, releasing nutrients only as needed to reduce nutrient loss by up to 88%.




RhizoSorb® is incorporated in and beneath the root zone for better nutrient retention and root development for warm and cool season grasses. RhizoSorb® supports more stress tolerant turf grass and improved soil conditions for golf courses, athletic fields, lawn care, and sod production. RhizoSorb® is incorporated into the root zone of established turf during aeration. Alternatively, our products can be applied during sod installations, reseeding, or blended into root zone mixes during renovations to accelerate establishment.

A common cultural practice for maintaining healthy turf is incorporating sand through topdressing and aeration. Although important for managing organic matter and drainage, sand has no nutrient holding capacity and therefore dilutes the soil’s natural ability to retain nutrients. Incorporating RhizoSorb® throughout the season makes up for the dilution by increasing the nutrient holding capacity in both native and sand based soils.

Our Research Shows…

  • Golf courses incorporating RhizoSorb® at 60lbs/1000ft2 annually exhibit an increase in root depth, root hair development, and overall root mass
  • Areas treated with RhizoSorb® during aeration healed 2x faster compared to control plots using only sand
  • Root zone blends containing RhizoSorb® accelerated establishment of newly constructed areas
  • Athletic fields, renovated parks, and golf courses experience a reduction of inputs such as fertilizer, irrigation, and biostimulants
  • Golf and athletic fields treated with RhizoSorb® have been shown to withstand symptoms of heat stress at average Volumetric Water Content (VWC) consistently below 10%


Peat and other soilless potting media lack the ability to retain phosphorus, so the majority of applied phosphorus is lost during production. Not only does this contribute to water quality issues, but this also requires growers to fertilize in excess to compensate for loss. Media blends with RhizoSorb® incorporated retain key nutrients, allowing roots to fully utilize the applied fertilizer.

University Research Shows RhizoSorb®

  • Greatly improved drought tolerance in flowering bedding plants
  • Reduced phosphorus loss by up to 98%
  • Improved post-production quality of flowering annuals
  • RhizoSorb PLUS® provides adequate phosphorus nutrition throughout the growing season


RhizoSorb® has been shown to improve the quality and increase yields of field-grown crops. By increasing plant uptake and reducing loss of key nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, growers are able to extend fertilizer applications in the soil and reduce total inputs throughout a growing season. RhizoSorb® produces the best results when incorporated during field preparation prior to planting for both specialty and broad-acre agronomic crops.

RhizoSorb® is extremely stable and insoluble, meaning the product will continue to build in the soil year after year, benefiting soils long-term. As RhizoSorb® continues to build in the soil, a natural reservoir of nutrients is established to drastically reduce fertilizer inputs while optimizing uptake and reducing nutrient loss.

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