Increase Root Development

Enhance root development, increase nutrient delivery, and decrease water use with RhizoSorb products designed for turf.

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Proven Benefits

+ 22%

Plants Per Acre

+ 54%

Nutrient Use Efficiency

+ 27%

Water Use Efficiency

+ 11%

Root Mass

Professional Turf Products

Product Info

RhizoSorb DG features our same proprietary core technology existing in the original RhizoSorb, and now can be surface applied. RhizoSorb DG buffers phosphorus in the soil, preventing tie-up with soil elements like calcium, and minimizing loss via leaching.


RhizoSorb DG is surface applied year-round. Broadcast spread and water in, granules break down and penetrate the soil, leaving no residue.

Application rate
10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. annually.

Natural to the Core

RhizoSorb DG is a naturally derived, mineral-based, and non-toxic product made with advanced formulation that add additional benefits to your turf.

Product Info

RhizoSorb is a premium soil amendment that enhances phosphorus use efficiency, improves turf health, and optimizes playing conditions for professional use venues.


Incorporate into root zone during renovation/reconstruction. Apply during core aeration or incorporate as a premium component in fertilizer/soil amendment products.

RhizoSorb does not contain phosphorus, so it can be applied in areas with phosphorus restrictions.

Contact us about application rates specific to your turf.

Natural to the Core

RhizoSorb is an all natural, non-toxic product.

‍OMRI certified since 2018. 2021 OMRI Certification

It's all in the Roots

The benefits of RhizoSorb technology start at the root.

With a healthier root system, RhizoSorb maintains plant-accessible phosphorus, defending your turf against drought and the impact of heavy traffic.

Learn more about the benefits of RhizoSorb.

RhizoSorb Technology

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Performance Products

"The areas we applied Rhizosorb unquestionably outperformed areas with the same environmental stresses.

Baltimore, Maryland

Trusted Products

"My experience with the product has been nothing short of great. Not only would I recommend your product for new greens construction, but also for thin/deficient turf and holding nutrients through the winter."

Boca Raton, Florida

Protection Products

"RhizoSorb is definitely doing something to reduce drought stress!"

Reading, Pennsylvania

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